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The Ultimate
Sports Lodge

Twin Peaks is built upon five brand pillars: the Twin Peaks Girls, made-from-scratch food, 29° draft beer, sports on wall-to-wall TVs, and of course, the local lodge atmosphere. Learn more about the Twin Peaks experience.

Scratch Kitchen

Twin Peaks is constantly on the cutting edge of culinary innovations and indulgent, flavorful cuisine. This brand promises high quality food that far surpasses any other concept in the category. Twin Peaks features a balanced menu that delivers 44% of weekday lunch sales, and is not reliant on a single menu item that can expose a restaurant to commodity fluctuations.

Photo of burgers

Category Defining
Beverage Program

Potentially the most unique and marketable asset for Twin Peaks is the brand's universal promise of 29° degree draft beer, a claim no other category competitor can attest to. Ice cold beer in frozen mugs and a compelling cocktail program drives additional dining occasions and balances overall cost of sales.

Photo of 29 degree beers

The Ultimate Sports Lodge

Twin Peaks provides the best sports experience anywhere. The polished mountain lodge setting offers a uniquely differentiated casual setting in an upbeat and comfortable atmosphere. This lodge atmosphere serves as both an escape from the mundane saturation of typical sports bars, while also providing a friendly, familiar and neighborly environment for locals and out of town visitors alike. Each restaurant employs the most advanced, category-leading A/V system, the biggest TVs, and the most premium viewing angles.

Photo of the lodge interior

The Twin Peaks Girls

With a focus on quality, detail, execution and fun, Twin Peaks has redefined the all-female wait staff, sports bar category. This focus on quality and fun attracts the most talented and best-looking wait staff in casual dining. The Twin Peaks Girls are yet another unique quality that sets us apart from every other dining experience in the industry.

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Twin Peaks
by the numbers

Average Franchise Unit Volume


Average Cost of Good Sold


Average Labor Cost


Liquid Capital Required

(multi-unit minimum 3 to 5)


Net Worth Required

(multi-unit minimum 3 to 5)


Franchise Fee


Royalty Fee


Advertising / Marketing


Total Investment

$1,423,550 - $3,592,000

**The Average Franchise Unit Volume of $4,350,000 is the actual average of 49 franchised Twin Peaks.
*Restaurants open and operating for a full 52 weeks during fiscal 2018. *The Average Cost of Goods Sold of 27.1% The average Prime Cost of 56.0% are derived from the 30 company-owned Twin Peaks Restaurants that were open and operating during the full fiscal year ended December 31, 2018. The Franchise Same Store Sales increase of 5.2% is an average of the 49 franchised Twin Peaks Restaurants that were open and operating for a full 52 weeks during both fiscal 2017 and 2018. AUV, Prime Costs and other results of your Twin Peaks restaurant may vary depending upon various factors. See item 19 of our FDD for complete details.

Territory Map

We now have 80+ locations in 26 states, from Florida to California. However, for the right candidates, we still have development opportunities in several additional markets across the country.

Map of United States Highlighting development opportunities of states. Washington: New Development Available Oregon: New Development Available Idaho: Existing Locations Under Development Montana: New Development Available North Dakota: New Development Available Wyoming: New Development Available South Dakota: New Development Available Minnesota: New Development Available Wisconsin: New Development Available Nevada: Select Development Available Utah: Select Development Available Arizona: Existing Locations Under Development Colorado: Select Development Available Nebraska: Existing Locations Under Development New Mexico: Existing Locations Under Development Oklahoma: Existing Locations Under Development Kansas: Existing Locations Under Development Iowa: Select Development Available Missouri: Existing Locations Under Development Illinois: Select Development Available Indiana: Select Development Available Michigan: Existing Locations Under Development Ohio: New Development Available Kentucky: New Development Available Pennsylvania: New Development Available New Jersey: New Development Available New York: New Development Available Vermont: New Development Available New Hampshire: New Development Available Connecticut: New Development Available Rhode Island: New Development Available Massachusetts: New Development Available Maine: New Development Available Delaware: New Development Available Maryland: New Development Available West Virginia: New Development Available Virginia: New Development Available Arkansas: Select Development Available Tennessee: Select Development Available North Carolina: Existing Locations Under Development South Carolina: Existing Locations Under Development Georgia: Existing Locations Under Development Alabama: Existing Locations Under Development Florida: Existing Locations Under Development Mississippi: Existing Locations Under Development Louisiana: Select Development Available Texas: Select Development Available Hawaii: New Development Available Alaska: New Development Available Washington, DC: New Development Available Northern California: Existing Locations Under Development Southern California: New Development Available
New Development Available
Select Development Available Call for Details
Established Call for Details

Real Estate /
Site Criteria

  • 90% of our restaurants are conversions of existing casual dining restaurant locations
  • Free-standing second generation restaurant space along major freeways and retail corridors
  • Minimum daily traffic count of 30,000 cars per day with direct access to restaurant.
  • 6,000-8,000 SF
  • 150+ parking spaces
  • Excellent signage and visibility
  • Excellent site ingress and egress with traffic signal preferred
  • Patio space is a plus


  • Areas with strong work base and heavy daytime working population
  • Destination trade area with heavy traffic and consumer activity
  • High retail and entertainment activity with a strong weekend and evening relevance
  • Mid-scale business hotels and upscale apartments
  • Total population of +150k within five miles
  • Daytime working population of +100k within five miles
  • Average household income of +$60k, but preferably $75k+

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