The Game Plan to Launch a Successful Sports Bar


Nothing beats the atmosphere of a sports bar. There’s something magic about watching the game among close friends and die-hard fans at your favorite spot. From kickoff to overtime, there’s always excitement brewing. The friendly smack talk. The tension when your team hits the Redzone. The pure energy when they punch in the game-winning play.

But capturing that exhilarating atmosphere is no simple feat. It takes considerable planning and effort to pull off successfully. At Twin Peaks Restaurants, creating the ultimate sports-watching experience is in our DNA.

Learn what it takes to bring a successful sports bar to life.


Choosing the right location for your sports bar is paramount. Where is the demand? Ideally, you should aim for a spot in a city with a passionate professional sports following and a local university or college. Even better if your location is a tourist destination where out-of-town fans can catch the game with a cold draft.


Entering a sports bar should be akin to arriving at a tailgate on game day. Fans should feel the energy as soon as they step in the door. Hosting watch parties for local teams and creating themed nights for big games are great ways to get fans excited to show up.

Food & Drinks

With football games clocking in at three-plus hours and other sports not far behind, great food is essential to keep guests locked in til the final play. While burgers and wings are sure to be popular, refining these staples and offering a wider menu can help elevate the sports bar experience. Offer a variety of delicious options that cater to different tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy on game day.

An elevated beverage menu is another sure way to set your sports bar apart. Stock your bar with an extensive selection of drinks to quench every thirst. From ice-cold beers to premium whiskeys and handcrafted cocktails, provide options that keep your guests coming back for more.

Bar Design & Layout

Ensure your guests can settle in for the long haul with comfortable seating options. Whether it’s bar stools, booths, or lounge areas, prioritize comfort without sacrificing style.

Just as important is designing your bar layout with the viewing experience in mind. Optimize sight lines to the TVs, ensuring everyone has a perfect view of the action from every seat.

Engaging Staff

Your staff can make or break the sports bar atmosphere. Hire enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees who are passionate about sports and dedicated to providing top-notch service.

Specials & Events

Keep your guests engaged with regular promotions and special events. Whether it’s happy hour deals, game-day specials, customer appreciation days, or themed parties, additional incentives will help bring in new fans and create regulars.

In Conclusion

Opening a sports bar is an exciting adventure that requires dedication and attention to detail. By understanding the importance of location, ambiance, menu, bar design, staff, and promotions you can set yourself up for success by giving sports fans exactly what they’re looking for.

Twin Peaks is built around creating the ultimate sports fan experience — it’s why we’re the best in the game. And if you’re interested in opening your own sports bar, we can help.

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