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The Twin Peaks Franchise Difference


The casual dining franchise industry is a crowded sector, yet a booming place to invest. Twin Peaks is different in the fact that we are a clearly defined brand delivering category-leading franchise results and still have tons of room for growth. Twin Peaks has 83 locations in 26 states nationwide, and we are looking to enter new territories to expand our footprint even more. Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in a Twin Peaks franchise.

Our Story

Twin Peaks began in Texas in 2005, and we started franchising in 2007. We were founded by Randy Dewitt and Scott Gordon, who had industry experience before developing Twin Peaks. Randy has been in executive roles for over 20 years, including Brinker International, Rockfish Seafood Grill and numerous Front Burner concepts, outside of his experience as CEO of Twin Peaks Restaurants for 10 years. Scott held various managerial and executive roles for nearly 40 years in the likes of Don Pablo’s, La Madeleine Café, and Tia’s Tex-Mex, outside of his experience at Twin Peaks Restaurants. Our made-from-scratch kitchen is always adding new and innovative items to both our craveable food and competitive beverage menus, including lodge favorites like the recently launched Smoker program, brunch options, lunch specials, hand-crafted cocktails, an extensive bourbon and whiskey program, margaritas, sought-after tequilas, 29° draft beer and so much more.

Our Five Brand Pillars

The centerpiece of our operation is the five brand pillars, which are what separate us from the competition in our category. We strive to consistently execute in each of these areas. We want to provide each guest with an exceptional experience; it’s how we always deliver on our promise of the “Lodge Mentality.”

The Twin Peaks Girls

The face of the brand, our Twin Peaks Girls make up the entirety of our server and bar staff, and they are the foundation of our signature “scenic views.” The service they offer is un-matched and one of a kind, just like our signature buffalo plaid uniforms.

29° Draft Beer

This is our most proprietary brand pillar, because no other concept in the casual restaurant, sports bar, or quick service restaurant category can consistently serve their beer at a frosty and refreshing 29°. Better yet, we serve them up in 22 oz. man-size mugs that are frosted using our proprietary freezing process.

Scratch Kitchen

We set the standard for food quality among sports bars. Our scratch kitchen, led by Chef Alex, is constantly innovating and perfectly executing all the guests’ favorites, from Bites, Handhelds, and Smoker items to other craveable brunch, lunch, and shareable options.


We are, at our core, a sports bar. That’s why all of our restaurants are lined wall-to-wall with TVs that are always showing the most relevant and exciting games, matches, local rivalries, fights, and races. Our lodges provide the perfect man cave environment and serve as the preferred place to be whenever a major sporting event is taking place.

Lodge Atmosphere

At Twin Peaks, we pride ourselves on offering everyone an inviting, relaxing mountain lodge atmosphere, where each guest can escape and indulge. With hints of nature, our rustic log cabin interiors are accompanied by spacious outdoor seating, fire pits and scenic man caves.

Location, Location, Location

It’s a cliche in real estate, but location matters to Twin Peaks. We have site criteria for our locations that set our franchisees up to succeed from day 1. Ninety percent of our locations are conversions of existing casual restaurants, so people are familiar with the locations and used to going there to eat. This also serves as a cost-saving measure for our new franchises. We open our locations along major freeways and retail corridors with excellent signage and visibility, and a minimum daily traffic count of 30,000 cars.

Market Characteristics

While we’re already located in more than half of the states across the country, we’re still looking to expand to more areas. When we enter a new market, some of the characteristics we look for include:

  • A strong work base and heavy daytime working population
  • Heavy traffic and consumer activity
  • High level of retail and entertainment activity, especially on weekends
  • Mid-scale business hotels and upscale apartments
  • Total population of at least 150,000 within five miles, and a daytime working population of at least 100,000 within five miles
  • Average household income of at least $60,000, with at least $75,000 ideally

By The Numbers

In order to be considered for a Twin Peaks franchise, we require a minimum liquid capital of $1,750,000 and minimum net worth of $5,000,000. With our franchise fee, royalty fee and advertising/marketing expenses, the total investment ranges from $1,423,550 to $3,592,000, with a multi-unit minimum of three to five. Once you’re up and running, our average franchise unit volume is $4,325,000, with an average cost of goods sold of 26.1% and an average labor cost of 30%.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Twin Peaks franchisee, feel free to check out our site for more information or reach out to a member of our franchising team, who will be happy to assist you.

Have More Questions For Us?

Open the FAQs below to find out more about the franchise process. Don’t see the question/answer you’re looking for? Email us for more information.

View FAQs
Where can I obtain more information?

Contact our Franchise Development Department for availability in your trade area:

Franchise Development (972) 941-3160

What is the availability of opportunities in my area?

Currently, we are evaluating only the best applicants in many new territories throughout the U.S., due to the overwhelming amount of interest in Twin Peaks franchises.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of your Twin Peaks franchise agreement is 15 years.

How much can I potentially make as a Twin Peaks franchisee?

Your earnings capability will depend on a number of factors, such as ability to manage your restaurant and lead the team, market conditions, location, traffic, operating costs and financing terms. While there is no guarantee of success, Twin Peaks gives the tools and opportunities to positively affect your profits.

What are the site requirements for a Twin Peaks restaurant?

Restaurants are 6,000-8,000 square feet with outdoor seating and 150+ parking spaces. Prime locations are located in high traffic areas with above-average daytime and residential demographics and have excellent visibility with easy access.

What is the franchisee training process?

There is an initial 7-week training program at the Twin Peaks Training Center located in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, we provide on-site pre-opening and opening training for a minimum of 14 days as well as periodic on-site visits and operation reviews.

How long does it take to open a Twin Peaks restaurant?

While it varies per location, launching a store typically takes about 9-12 months, from signing the franchise agreement to opening day at your Twin Peaks restaurant.

What are the minimum financial qualifications?

Groups and/or individuals are required to display a minimum of $1,750,000 in liquid assets combined with an overall net worth of $5,000,000, as well as ability to secure third party financing

What is the cost to open a Twin Peaks restaurant?

The initial cost of building a Twin Peaks restaurant ranges from $1,434,200-$3,633,400. This includes all start-up expenses as well as the $50K initial franchise fee. The total cost of each restaurant varies by size, age and location. Find out more here.

What are the operations and management requirements?

Twin Peaks is actively seeking highly qualified existing multi-unit restaurant developers and operators to become franchisee brand partners. We take several important factors into account during the selection process.