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Twin Peaks Wins Top Sports Bar in 2020 Franchise Times Best Franchises to Buy ZOR Awards


This article was originally published in Franchise Times on 2/20/20.

With thousands of brands to choose from in an ever-expanding array of industry segments, researching franchises can prove an especially daunting task, particularly for first-timers. That’s where the Franchise Times Zor Awards project comes in.

Designed to cut through the sales jargon and marketing speak, the Zor Awards, now in its fourth year, provides a top pick and three runners-up in each of 10 categories. We focus on return on investment in this project, which means profitability for the operator rather than topline sales.

Interviews with top-performing franchisees provide honest insight and advice, and prospective owners can learn what it takes to drive sales and ultimately achieve success in each system. We also pull back the curtain on the franchisor-franchisee relationship as operators share what works and where they’d like to see improvement.

Use the Zor Awards to help put the pieces of your franchise puzzle in place. 

Twin Peaks is honored to win the Franchise Times Top Franchises to Buy Zor Award for Top Sports Bar.