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Lexi Burns, VP of Talent Management, Wants to Ensure Success for Franchisees


With over 20+ years of training and development experience in the industry, Lexi Burns is our go-to resource to ensure all Twin Peaks franchisees are as successful as possible. Twin Peaks is known to customers around the country for absolutely amazing food and, even better, girls. But what happens behind the scenes for investors looking to start a franchise? We sat down with Lexi to talk about her role with new Twin Peaks franchisees, as well as the training that her team has developed and has been perfecting over the years.

Who is Lexi Burns?

Lexi is the VP of Talent Management for Twin Peaks. She has been instrumental in creating successful HR practices, on-boarding, and learning and development programs. With close to 70 restaurant openings she has been able to perfect her craft of ensuring success. Lexi is right there by the side of all new franchisees and investment groups from day one. Whether it is helping with on-boarding or answering common questions, like how to hire and retain the best talent, she will be there to guide any new franchisee in the right direction. 

Let’s dive right into the interview so we can get to know the woman behind the talent management for Twin Peaks. 

Twin Peaks: Tell us about your role and how you work with Twin Peaks franchise owners. 

Lexi Burns: My role is to develop best-in-class Corporate HR and Training processes and programs. I work with franchise partners in many ways as they join the brand, and our relationship is ongoing. I assist in support of manager training, new store openings, certifying franchise training locations, and ongoing employee development for the Twin Peaks brand.

TP: When does a new franchise partner start working with you?

LB: I am fortunate enough to meet and work with our franchise partners from the very beginning. Our franchise partners are a main priority for us. The support that we give from day one is something we pride ourselves in.

TP: How has your role helped franchise owners have a smooth transition and be set up for success with Twin Peaks?

LB: Our brand is very structured. Twin Peaks has numerous systems and tools for a franchise group to operate successfully. As we on-board and train new groups, our follow up is consistent to ensure each member is receiving an experience that exceeds the standard. Additionally, I am always available if a group or individual needs assistance.

TP: How do you support franchise owners through pain points that may arise such as getting acclimated when starting out, staffing, etc.?

LB: We work with and encourage the franchise group to simply follow the playbook. Twin Peaks has best practices for every facet of the brand. If a franchise finds themselves in a position where they need support, we will guide them to the best practices we have in place to get them back on track.

TP: Tell us about Twin Peaks “Discovery Day.” What does it entail?

LB: The Twin Peaks Discovery Day is one of my favorite times spent with a potential franchise group. All departments put a great deal of effort into making this day special. I get the opportunity to walk them through the life of a Twin Peaks manager and what our training looks like at all levels. We discuss the new store opening process in length and how our teams will work together to make their restaurants operate at the highest level.

TP: Based on your past experience or feedback you’ve received from franchise partners, what makes Twin Peaks “Discovery Day” unique or better than any other franchisor’s program?

LB: Our Discovery Day is not only extremely informative and well prepared, but it is FUN. Our support center has a great culture and a really cool vibe. When our potential partners come to our offices, they feel like they are inside one of our restaurants. It is a very unique experience. 

Editor’s Note: Here are some key takeaways from Discovery Day that Lexi wanted to point out to prospective franchisees:

  • They are personally introduced to every department head in the company to start developing relationships as early on as possible.
  • Get a first-hand look at new food and beverage innovations within the company.
  • Experience the day-to-day operations by taking a restaurant tour around the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Lexi also likes to point out exciting new enhancements, such as the cigar bar in Addison.
  • And, of course, the ever-popular Twin Peaks SWAG Bags are given to potential investors.

TP: What are some common questions you address with new franchise partners during their on-boarding process?

LB: When it comes to my area of expertise, the questions typically range from from how to hire and retain the best talent to the structure of training programs, which includes training timeframes for each role.

TP: Based on your experience with on-boarding and training new franchise partners, what’s one piece of advice you would give them that you have seen helps other franchise partners be on the road to success?

LB: Have a competitive business advantage when it comes to selecting and hiring talent. Take time to hire the right people for your business. Staffing is key in all areas in order for our brand to excel. Use the tools that are in place. We have the recipe for success.

It is certainly no secret that Lexi is not only good at what she does, but is also extremely passionate about her work. Lexi, and the Twin Peaks corporate staff, want to ensure that all of our franchisees are as successful as possible. Partnering with such a fun and successful brand is one of the smartest moves an investor can make. Prospective Twin Peaks franchisees can learn more about the process or view our franchise opportunities.